Laura & Peter: Engaged

When Peter, Laura and I first starting talking about what they wanted for their engagement pictures, they explained their vision of a "day in the life" shoot. Basically, they wanted to be photographed doing things that they would normally do together, to capture who they are in this time of their lives. I couldn't have loved their vision more, and I couldn't have loved them more for agreeing to my idea of a two-part engagement session ... a sunrise shoot, and later, a sunset shoot.

I met them at their house that morning while it was still dark, and we drove up the coast to one of Peter's favorite surf spots. What happened during the next few hours as we watched the sun come up was seriously magic! They built a bonfire on the beach, drank coffee together, snuggled under a blanket, and then met back up that evening to drink wine and picnic while they watched the sunset. Laura & Peter are some seriously special people. They love life & each other so much and I'm beyond grateful I get to capture this time for them! Based on this shoot, I know their wedding this weekend is going to be beautiful and SO much fun.

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