Tis the season ... to be smiley

I hate those little booths. I think we all do. You know, the little booths at the mall that we speed walk past while being badgered by the booth-person to touch this neckpad-smelly-thingy or try this hair straightener or put your photo on a mug or a mousepad. We walk quickly past these booth-people avoiding eye contact by fake-texting, pretending to checkout the closest window display, or whatever other phony distraction comes to mind to keep us from being sucked in. Um, at least I think we all do this. Or maybe it's just me. But not last night.

Last night Craig & I were strolling somewhere between Macy's & Forever21 when we passed one of the booth-people holding out a neckpad-smelly-thingy in our direction, politely asking us to touch it. We smiled at the guy, said no thanks in unison & kept walking (all the while I'm thinking in my head do you have any idea how many people have touched that thing!? why don't you just say "cold virus on sale here"!?) when behind us the booth-guy goes oh my gosh, you guys smiled at me ... finally someone smiled at me!! (then he did a little hands-together-in-prayer-position-bow-thing) thank you ... thank you for smiling at me. Craig & I both chuckled a little yeah, no problem, have a good night & continued walking & discussing how we both wanted to go back & hug the booth-guy but how that would probably make him feel weird.  

I was reminded by our little encounter with the booth-guy how important a smile can be. And I was a little more smiley today because of it - to the grocery-guy & the alterations-lady & the drivers around me. And I wanted to remind you to be a little more smiley too, especially during the holiday season when people are often ironically busier & grumpier than ever. You don't have to let the booth-people straighten your hair, buff your nails, shave your legs or whatever other crazy thing they want to do ... but don't forget to smile at them.

And what's a post without a photo? Answer: this is a post without a photo.


Red Door : Anytime

Just a few more from my shoot with Reb & Al ... If you would like to have a Red Door Mini-Session for your family Christmas photos, let me know! I would love to photograph you & the ones you love in front of these great red doors!


christmas cards & mini-sessions

It became real to me today when I was handed a red - snowflaky - reindeery Starbucks cup: CHRISTMAS IS COMING ... which means it's time to get your Christmas photos taken & your Christmas cards sent! And so I bring you ... 


$150 includes ...
30 minute session at location of your choice
online proofing gallery with 5-10 great images of your family (for you to order prints, download, etc.)
25 custom designed one-sided Christmas cards (options below ... envelopes included)  

($100 for mini-sessions without Christmas cards) 

There are limited sessions available & must take place before Dec. 5th ... contact me (using the 'connect' page of this site) to set up your session today!