Isaac & James : Batmen

I love these boys. We live next door to each other, we ride bikes together, we play bank robber - tiger - ghost together (a game we made up ... it's just as awesome as it sounds), we watch Nemo together & we play endless amounts of hide - the - duck together (a game I played with my dad growing up ... it's also just as awesome as it sounds). For Halloween they transformed into Batman & Batman & they were cuter than ever with their capes & masks & super hero moves ... & we took pictures to prove it. 

Me: hey Isaac, show me some of your super hero moves ...

Isaac: um, Erica ... that's all the moves I know.


The Great Pumpkin (is an awesome movie)

Better late than never, right? Since Halloween is tomorrow we took a little trip to the local pumpkin patch & I followed Craig around as he searched for the perfect pumpkin for his Barack O'lantern. We're going to carve them tonight, eat pumpkin muffins & watch The Great Pumpkin. Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. It's a funny word if you think about it. Have a great night & a happy Halloween!


Two things

First ... I dropped the from my site address so now it's just So go ahead & update your favorites, tell your friends, etc. (Don't worry, the old address will point to the new one). The reason I had the there in the first place was to save a little money each month (I've been described as a bit of a penny-pincher ... guilty as charged) & I planned on leaving it that way until I heard Craig on the phone with his dad trying to tell him my site address going no, squarespace ... s ... q ... no Q, as in quail ... I came home & changed it that night. So, there you have it ... ... & if you would like to add me to your RSS feed you can do so by clicking on the blue RSS button up there in the url-box-thingy. 

Secondly ... Here are some more shots of Reb & Al (check out the first set below if you haven't already). Enjoy!