Alison & Rebekkah : anytime

There are those people in my life that I love being with ... and then there are those people in my life that I LOVE being with. Alison & Rebekkah fall in the second category. I adore these girls so much that I really can't find the words to describe it. They are best friends, they are beautiful (inside & out) & they are so. much. fun. We laughed for pretty much the entire shoot. I loved every second of it. 

I have been wanting to do a shoot at Wilder Ranch for a while now & it didn't disappoint. Old barns, horses, gorgeous evening light. Not gonna lie, I'm super excited about the shots we got - so excited, in fact, that there's no way to include all of the ones I love in one post. So, here's a start & you will be seeing more of these stunning friends of mine in between other posts in the weeks to come ... enjoy. I have my faves. You?


Peonies & Love Forgives

Our church is big on art. Expressing creativity, beauty, love for God by doing something you love (music, painting, poetry, etc.). So when my friend said hey Erica, we're going to be displaying a piece of digital art each week of this Love series by a different artist in the community, do you want to be a part of it? I promptly said I'm in

I found out that the theme of my week was going to be "Love Forgives" and I began looking through my photos, just waiting for something to jump out at me, something that screams LOVE FORGIVES. And scream it did.

We were in Santa Barbara celebrating our three year anniversary when Craig surprised me with a bunch of peonies ... my favorite. The thing is, we didn't have a vase to put them in so, being the resourceful girl that I am, I tied them gently together with a strip of Ziploc bag and placed them in a lemonade carton. And then, the next day, I held it on my lap for the four hour drive home. 

When I looked at this photo & thought about those peonies, the lemonade carton, our marriage - I thought about LOVE. I thought about how love is laughter, how love is joy & adoration. I thought about how love is kind words & hand-holding, forehead kisses & that sweet look from across the room. But then I thought about forgiveness & how love is impossible without it. Without forgiveness, and a whole lot of it from both of us over the past three years, we wouldn't have been in Santa Barbara celebrating an incredible marriage with peonies & a lemonade carton. Sure, love does a lot of things ... love laughs, love celebrates ... but, and perhaps most importantly, love forgives.



Palace : a totally different kind of shoot

I usually photograph people ... kids, couples, families, you know ... people. So when some friends asked me to do a shoot for their business (Palace Art & Office Supply) where I would be photographing a building & office furniture, I was actually really excited. Photographing a desk is more creatively difficult than you might think & I was up for the make-this-desk-look-good challenge. Plus, for this shoot I borrowed my friend's 5D (thanks Philip!!) and I fell in love a little. Maybe a lot. Okay, Craig caught me hugging it ... is that weird? because he looked at me like it was. Ha.