Steve & Jenn : Engagement

Jenn & Steve are so creative. For example (my summary of their incredible engagement story): he showed up on a horse dressed as a prince, gave her a crown & gown to wear, asked her to marry him, took her back to his house which he & his awesome roomates had transformed into a castle (we're talking velvet curtains, drawbridge, the whole deal) for dinner & dancing with their closest friends. See what I mean? So, for their engagement shoot they didn't want to do the whole jeans & a t-shirt thing. Instead, Jenn rocked this awesome red dress & Steve was looking handsome in a suit & tie. These two are wonderful & they are so in love (they have been dating for five years ... five years) & their wedding next year is going to be a blast (and super creative, of course). I loved this shoot. I loved the crazy looks we got. I love this couple. Enjoy.


Steve & Jenn : Coming soon

This engagement shoot was so dang fun. It involved the forest, the beach boardwalk, a super rad couple & a sexy red dress. The rest is coming soon ... here's a little sneaky peeky.  



craig : the other half

I love this man. He's my husband (best 3 years of my life), my best friend, my home, my biggest fan & I wanted you, my anonymous readers, to get to know him. I was telling him the other day that I want him to have a presence on my site, my little corner of the world wide web. Not in the occasional mention of my husband did this ... or Craig said that ... but who he is, his personality, his smokin' hot bod. Because, the truth is, I'm not in this alone. Everything you read & see here has his fingerprints all over it. From his encouragement to follow this dream to his crazy webmaster skills to his gentle feedback to his killer back massages, he is an integral part of this photography adventure & the other half of the Stubblefield family (fyi: Sergio is my maiden name & I use it for this biz ... because Stubblefield was a little too hard for some people to remember, a little difficult for others to spell, & well, it doesn't fit on a scantron). His name is Craig & he's the other half of Team Stubblefield.