Caleb & Nathan

These boys are special ... really. For starters, they are the kind of brothers who actually like each other. They laugh together & are kind to each other (they have great parents ... go figure). They are also super different from one another. Caleb is really contemplative & caring. Nathan is goofy & care-free. They are both incredibly smart with the best imaginations. It was so fun for me to shoot them & to see their personalities really come alive in the images we captured.

About ten minutes into the shoot we noticed that Nathan had his pants on backwards. When his mom asked him if he wanted to fix them he kind of shrugged his shoulders and said ... nope. Two great things about that: 1. he didn't care. 2. neither did his parents. I love that his pants are on backwards in all of these shots. I literally laughed out loud because of it several times while editing (Craig was on the couch reading during one of my outbursts & it scared the crap out of him). I love that his parents will look at these shots twenty years from now & remember their joyful little Nathan who didn't think twice about his pants being on the wrong way. I love that Nathan will look at these shots twenty years from now & laugh. 

Enjoy (& make sure to notice the backward pants ... it just makes the viewing experience that much more fun).

The pants. Kriss Kross anyone?

Oh this light. Yes please. And how about the silly faces? Good, right? I think that's a gargoyle on the left & we were fearing impalement on the right.

This first shot was his big brother's idea. A great one, I thought.



Between her giggle & his dimples Ava & Joshua truly are two of the most adorable kids in the world. We spent the morning laughing at the playground, exploring the arboretum, in awe at the neighbor's house (home to the most beautiful Dahlia garden), drinking coffee (me & the mama, who is also a dear friend), & laughing at the daddy who somehow managed to wedge himself between two car-seats so that we could all drive together (he is one generous man, really). We had a blast & got some awesome shots along the way. 

I adore these children, I love their parents & it just seems fitting that this is the first post on my new site. Enjoy!


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